IndieWire: The Return of Christine Swanson

Read an interview with Christine on IndieWire about her work with TV One. Here is what she had to say about directing Ernie Hudson in “To Hell and Back”

You know, I didn’t know what to make of it at first because I’m not … I’m trying to think. I’ve directed actors of his caliber, from Ruby Dee to Morgan Freeman. Every time I direct, I encounter such … What are they? They’re walking legends, right? You kind of take pause and you wonder, okay, what do I do? There’s nothing that I can bring to the table that’s going to equal their knowledge and their experience. Most times, you just humbly approach them and ask, what is it you need? They’ll tell you or they won’t. Nine times out of ten you just get out of the way. You just let them do their thing.

That was my experience with Ernie. He put on a clinic in To Hell and Back. He really did. I’m talking this guy was in every single scene and the emotional gravity of the story and of the character, I mean, it’s so heavy. I even wondered for him, is he going to be okay? Can he do this? Can he handle it? Every single scene. I never saw him get tired or frustrated or weary. He just came with it, with a great fresh attitude and as you saw with the performance, just gave it his all and left something remarkable on television, that I think we can all say is quite commendable.

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